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Welcome To The Official Website of the

Philatelic Specialists Society of Canada


 The PSSC is a Society of students of philately specializing in a large spectrum of subjects.



In the early 1950's, stamp clubs in Toronto were mainly concerned with the philately of British North America. Some prominent local philatelists felt the need for a club which would cater to a broader range of interests.

This prompted Herbert Dubé and a few keen philatelic friends, to take action. A first meeting to discuss the formation of a "serious philatelic study society" was held in Room 221 at the King Edward Hotel, on Wednesday, October 20th 1954.

Those present were:

Herbert Dubé, Jules Reissman, Robert Lyman, George Wegg, Russell Waines, Douglas Patrick & James Law.

It was decided, at this inaugural meeting, "to create a group of matured and advanced philatelists with diverse specialized interests" and that the group would be known as the "PHILATELIC SPECIALISTS SOCIETY OF CANADA." A Constitution was to be written, if possible by the next meeting, but from the outset, certain rules were established. Membership would be by invitation only, with no more than two members specializing in any one country. This regulation was subject to suspension, in special cases, by the unanimous vote of the members.

It was stipulated that "stock books, etc. must not be displayed during, or before, any meeting, nor must there be any blatant trading."

The founding members were assessed $10.00 for membership fees. Annual Membership Fees would be $10.00 for resident members and $5.00 for non-residents, with an additional levy of $1.00 for each meeting attended .

The first elected officers were:

Herbert Dubé              President

Jules Reissman            Treasurer

Russell Waines            Secretary

Russell Waines resigned after the first meeting. (He rejoined in 1955 and remained a member, with another short interval, until 1970). At the second meeting, George Wegg, was elected Vice-President and Secretary.

A list of 43 prospective members had been prepared and it was agreed to approach 23 of them at once. New members at the second meeting were Arthur Blakeley, Dr. Richard Maresch, Frank Seger and Hans Reiche of Ottawa, who "happened to be in the hotel."

After several drafts, the Constitution was approved and confirmed at the March 1955 meeting. It was subsequently amended in June 1964, May 1976 and again in April 2007. Further minor revisions have been made in subsequent years to meet the needs of current conditions.


Since its founding, the Society has continued to thrive and presently boasts a membership of  120 specialists. Monthly meetings are held on the third Wednesday of the month (except December, which is held the second Wednesday) in the offices of The Greene Foundation on Yonge Street in Toronto, Ontario.



September 22, 2016

The Revised 7th Edition of the APS Rules of Exhibiting Manual

77-Page PDF Manual



8-Slide Powerpoint Presentation on the PSSC

8-Page PDF Presentation on the PSSC

February 21, 2016

Our first ever video presentation of a general meeting is now available for download in the Members Only section.

Be advised that it is a very large file (5.32 GBs), so be prepared for a lengthy download,

OR, simply click on the link and watch it online!

You will find it on the Member Exhibits page; scroll down to Ted Nixon to find the file. It is in mp4 format.

Your feedback is welcome. Please email any member of the executive with your thoughts and/or suggestions.

We hope you will enjoy this first attempt.

Our thanks to Jim Jung of our New Media Committee for the time and skill he has devoted to this project.


The 2015 Issue of our Journal is now available for download by members in our Members Only section.

Our thanks to Michel Houde for another great issue.



In March 1993, the Society published "THE MEDITERRANEAN MAILS," a study of the mails from, to and through the Mediterranean to the end of the nineteenth century. This is a compilation of articles by various members, edited by F.R. Stubens.


We are now making THE MEDITERRANEAN MAILS available as a FREE Download in PDF Format, with Compliments of the Society.

If any portion of this book is used in any way, please be sure to give proper credit to the Philatelic Specialists Society of Canada.

Click HERE (13.5 MBs)




by James R. (Jim) Taylor, BSc., MSc., P. Geol.
FRPSL, RPSC Director
RPSC International Liaison Officer
Director-Treasurer FIAF

are now available for download by going HERE

The latest issues will be posted as they become available.


Harry Sutherland QC FRPSC Hon FRPSL

Members: For up-to-date changes and information, be sure to check the Members Only area.



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*The HISTORY AND MEMBERS' HANDBOOK 2011 is available for download in PDF format, along with an up-to-date copy of the current Membership List. Please go to the MEMBERS ONLY page for the link.*

***The 2016 PSSC JOURNAL is now available for download in the MEMBERS ONLY area from the Minutes Archive.


The January 2017 Minutes are now available for members to download in the Members Only area.

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The slate of speakers for 2017 is posted in the Members Only area.

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