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The Society now has four different types of awards that can be given:

* The PSSC Specialization Medal can be awarded at National Level Canadian Philatelic Exhibitions for exhibits that show evidence of significant research relating to a subject. No more than one award per show will be given and the recipient cannot already be a member of the Society. Recipients will, however, be invited to join the Society.

(Original medal used until copies were depleted.)


(This is our new medal struck in 2006. It was designed by Alan Hanks.)

* The Sutherland-McKanna Award is a new medal (2007) that has been donated to the Society in honour of Harry Sutherland and Alan McKanna. It is engraved “Sutherland & McKanna” and will be presented annually at our December meeting to the member exhibiting the best Single-Frame Exhibit at that meeting. Identical medals, but not so-engraved, can be awarded at the discretion of the Executive. One such use is when a member is awarded an Honorary Life Membership for their service to the Society. Another occasion will be to the speaker at our Annual Banquet.

* The Herbert Dubé Lectureship Award is presented to Society members who have published a significant paper in either book form or in one of the leading philatelic journals, and who has also presented their work to the members in one of our monthly meetings. The award consists of an objet d’art and a certificate suitable for framing. This is the highest award the Society can bestow upon a member.

The Dubé Award varies from year to year. This is the award presented to Michael Madesker in 1987.

Above is the award presented to Peter Spencer in 2006.

*  The PSSC Lapel Pin is awarded to members when they fulfill their membership obligation by either making an oral presentation to the Society, or other service to the Society as deemed acceptable by the Executive. These pins have also been donated by a member who wishes to remain anonymous.




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