PSSC ORAPEX Breakfasts and Presentations

The concept of this event was suggested and organized by Charles J.G. Verge RDP FRPSL FRPSC in 2012. It has become a very popular event every year since its inception. The following provides a list of speakers and their presentations. All speakers are members of the PSSC.

Michael Millar FRPSC
May 6, 2012
“Railway Mail Service Toronto to Montreal”
Richard Malott FRPSC FPSL FCPS
May 5, 2013

Dick was made an Honourary Member at this function.

“My 80 years in Philately”
Larry Margetish
May 4, 2014

Larry was our first non-member presenter.

“Canada’s Caricature and Landscape Issues”
Dr. Gray Scrimgeour FRPSC
May 3, 2015

Gray was honoured at ORAPEX in 2015.

“Early Victoria B.C. to California Mail”
Chris Hargreaves
May 1, 2016

Chris was honoured at ORAPEX in 2016.

"The Development of Canada - U.S. Air Mail"

Christiane Faucher
Jacques Poitras
May 7, 2017

Our first dual presentation.

“Official Mail at the time of Confederation”

“Favoured Letters in Early Canada”

Michael Street OTB FCPS FRPSC
May 6, 2018

Mike was honoured at ORAPEX in 2018.

“Rates of the Peace Issue”
Robin Harris FRPSC
May 5, 2019
“Lowe-Martin - Coil Die Cutting”
Ron Smith
May 3, 2020

Unfortunately this event was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The History of the Fredericton Post Office and its Postmarks pre-1900”