Prominent Members

Over the years the PSSC has been honoured to count among its membership a great many of the most recognizable names in philately. Six PSSC Members have signed the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists. Below is a selection of prominent PSSC members. (A * indicates the member is deceased.) Society members can find a complete listing of all PSSC Members from 1954 to present in the Members Only area. Profiles and photographs of our fellow members are being added as information is acquired.

Member Active in PSSC Known For
Honourable James Alexander Calder, P.C. 1954 - 1955* Member #22; Roll of Distinguished Philatelists (1947); Author, specialist in the 1859 issues of Canada.
Herbert Dubé 1954 - 1972* Member #1 and the first President of the PSSC, Herbert Dubé is considered the founding Father of our Society. Our highest award, The Herbert Dubé Lectureship Award, is named in his honour.
Dr. Robert A. Chaplin 1961 - 2002* Member #73; Specialist in the Pence Issues of Canada; Member of the Expert Committee of the Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation
Henry Gates 1955 - unknown* Member #29; Specialized in the Essays and Proofs of Canada’s Pence & First Cents Issues
Dr. G.M. Geldert 1959 - 1967* Member #62; Successfully petitioned  the Governor-General for Patronage of the Canadian Philatelic Society, resulting in the Society henceforth becoming the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada
Vincent Graves Greene 1961 - 1988* Member #75; Roll of Distinguished Philatelists (1963); Founder of the Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation
Hon. Dr. Henry D. Hicks 1965 - 1991* Member #81; Known for his study of the Victorian period
Fred Jarrett 1965 - 1979* Member #82; Roll of Distinguished Philatelists (1935); Known as the First Dean of Canadian philately and author of the first main Canadian handbook, “Stamps of British North America.”
Robert W. Lyman 1954 - 2013* Member #8; Instrumental in the first statistical study of Canadian stamps, which led to the current methods of cataloguing
Michael Madesker 1973 - Present Member #100; Roll of Distinguished Philatelists (2000); Signatory of the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists; postal historian; and a leader in Youth Philately
Dr. Richard Maresch 1954 - 1974* Member #4; a founder of the Society and the prominent stamp auction house that bears his name
William H.P. Maresch 1956 - 2008* Member #39; Prominent Toronto stamp dealer and auction house
Alan G. McKanna 1958 - 2005* Member #52; Contributed greatly to the Machin issues of GB and the Sower issue of France; Treasurer of PSS for 38 years
Douglas A. Patrick 1954 - 1973* Member #10; Author and columnist of numerous philatelic items
Hans Reiche 1954 - 2001* Member #9; Prolific author of many philatelic handbooks
Kenneth Rowe 1954 - 2014* Member #14; Roll of Distinguished Philatelists (1995); Author, member of the Board of Directors of the Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation
William L. Simpson 1974 - 1995* Member #103; Multiple Gold Medals for outstanding Small Queens collection
James N. Sissons 1957 - 1980* Member #44; Prominent Toronto stamp dealer
Allan L. Steinhart 1975 - 1996* Member #110; Postal history expert extraordinaire
Dr. Fred G. Stulberg 1967 - 1983* Member #84; The first recipient of the Herbert Dubé Award
Harry Sutherland 1955 - 2006* Member #34; Roll of Distinguished Philatelists (1991); Dean of Canadian Philately and Signatory of the Roll of Distinguished Philatelists; Past Chairman of the Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation
Charles Verge, FRSPL, FRSPC 1990 to present Member #160; Long term leader of Canadian Philately domestically and on the world stage as exhibitor, juror, past president of the Royal Philatelic Society of Canada, and member of Canada Post’s Stamp Advisory Committee.
Charles P. de Volpi 1960 - 1964* Member #67; Specialist in Canada
George S. Wegg 1954 - 1992* Member #7; Prominent Toronto stamp dealer
Dr. K. Gray Scrimgeour OTB, FRPSC 1984 to present Member #129; Served on the Board of the Postal History Society of Canada for 30+ years; Awarded the Geldert Medal in 2001 for best article in The Canadian Philatelist; Judging Coordinator for the Northwest Federation of Stamp Clubs from 1998 to 2011; National Judge Emeritus; Prolific author and exhibitor.
Major Richard Kenneth Malott, FRPSC, FRPSL, FCAS 1969 to present Member #088; Dick specializes in Canadian aerophilately; A frequent and successful exhibitor; An accredited international judge in aerophilately; A prolific author and lecturer on the development of airmail; Served in numerous positions in the RPSC; Was the Editor-in-Chief for The Air Mails of Canada and Newfoundland; A member of the Aerophilatelic Hall of Fame.
Ron R. Brigham FRPSC 1997 to present Member #194; Formed a comprehensive collection of Canadian material that surpassed any collection assembled in the last two decades; His Pence and Cents exhibit brought the first-ever Grand Prix d'Honneur at BELGICA 2001 to Canada; Competed in the Championship Class; Ron is the only Canadian to have won the FIP World Championship; "For me, making Canadian philately known throughout Canada and the world is a personal crusade."
Jean-Jacques Tillard, FRPSC 2008 to present Member # 267; Resident of Saint-Pierre et Miquelon; Specializes in the philately SPM; Past member of the SPM’s stamp selection and the production organization; Author and philatelic judge; Since 2000 provides expertization service for SPM philately; Since 2006 has exhibited extensively and regularly attaining top prize, including over 120 Gold / Large Gold medals." Past President of the SPM Philatelic Club 1992-2013 - President and General Commissioner for SPM 2011 and SPM 2014 international exhibitions.