Philatelic Specialists Society of Canada

A Society of students of philately specializing in a large spectrum of subjects.

President’s Message August 2022

While checking the PSSC website for background information on the two recent passing of our members Ron Brigham and Gordon Richardson I made a starling discovery. There are still several current members without a picture and/or a biography and I find this a bit disturbing. I did reach out to all of you a couple of years ago and I received a number of promises that weren’t fulfilled. This section of our website is very important to our Society, it is our history and our legacy for future members, this is an opportunity to blow your own horn. Please take a few minutes a let us know who you are and your accomplishments. I will be contacting all the members with missing information in the near future on an individual basis. These can be submitted to me or Michel Houde

On another note, we have just completed our 24th ZOOM meeting. Thanks to Ken Lemke for continuing to arrange first class entertainment by arranging the presenters for our meetings. The varied topics presented always bring much discussion in the Q&A period. Thanks to all the presenters as well for sharing their material and knowledge with us. It is encouraging to me to see all of you across Canada and points outside participating..



Who we are

About us

  • Forum for serious philatelic study founded in 1954
  • Publisher of several spcialized studies and annual Journal compiled by members
  • Launched predecessor to the Harry Sutherland Philatelic Library
  • Prizes awarded at national exhibitions
  • Membership by invitation
  • Members are advanced collectors, authors, exhibitors and philatelic judges
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Member Specialties

Below is only a small selection of our members' specialties. Visit the link below to browse more.

Aerophilately, Australia, China, Ionian Islands, Machine Cancels, Military Mail, Newfoundland, Pneumatic Post, Underpaid mail, Zemstvos

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Meetings and Events


Oct 5

In-person at the VGG - Meeting & Show and Tell – 19:30 EST. Members

Oct 19

ZOOM Meeting & Presentation – 19:30 EST. Ken Pugh presents: Patroni – a “newly attributed” BNA Forger.

Nov 2

In-person at the VGG - Meeting & Show and Tell – 19:30 EST. Members

Nov 16

ZOOM Meeting & Presentation – 19:30 EST. Tom Gosse presents: Japanese occupation of South-East Asia during WW II.

Dec 14

ZOOM - Meeting & One Frame Completion – 19:30 EST. Members