Philatelic Specialists Society of Canada

A Society of students of philately specializing in a large spectrum of subjects.

Message from the President

August 2021

We have just completed our 12th Zoom meeting continuing to bring you first class presentations and there does not appear to be and end in sight of this type of venue in the foreseeable future. Small, limited stamps shows are appearing testing the waters with reasonable success. Larger shows are in the planning stages, but we will have to see what the Covid future brings. Remember the vaccine is not a cure but will help to lessen the effects if you are unlucky to contact the disease. This stresses the importance of having you being vaccinated.

On a happier note, I would like to add my felicitations to Daniel Ryterband who was awarded the Benjamin & Naomi Wishnietsky Multi-frame Champion of Champions in the competition at Chicago. Also, I would like to congratulate member Sam Chiu, Jan Hofmeyr, David McLaughlin, Jean Wang, Cheryl Ganz and Richard Judge for their excellent exhibits and awards they attained.

Recently member John Talman passed away and unfortunately, we do not have a philatelic biography on our website. This is the history and heritage of our Society so please if you haven’t already done so get busy and do it. No one knows your accomplishments better than you.

In closing a quote from Marilyn Monroe: “Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about."

Until the next time continue to stay safe.

Bob Vogel - President

Who we are

About us

  • Forum for serious philatelic study founded in 1954
  • Publisher of several spcialized studies and annual Journal compiled by members
  • Launched predecessor to the Harry Sutherland Philatelic Library
  • Prizes awarded at national exhibitions
  • Membership by invitation
  • Members are advanced collectors, authors, exhibitors and philatelic judges
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Member Specialties

Below is only a small selection of our members' specialties. Visit the link below to browse more.

Aerophilately, Australia, China, Ionian Islands, Machine Cancels, Military Mail, Newfoundland, Pneumatic Post, Underpaid mail, Zemstvos

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Meetings and Events


Oct 20

ZOOM Meeting & Presentation – 19:30 EST. Earle Covert will present: Illustrated permit mail by religious groups.

Nov 17

ZOOM Meeting & Presentation – 19:30 EST. Peter McCarthy presents: His Majesty’s Canadian Ship.

Dec 8

ZOOM AGM & Annual one frame competition – 19:30 EST. PSSC members presents: New Presentations.