Philatelic Specialists Society of Canada

A Society of students of philately specializing in a large spectrum of subjects.

President’s Message November 2023

Have you been attending our monthly ZOOM meetings? I wouldn’t miss one. Learned presentations by our members are offered nine times throughout the year. Even if the subject matter does not coincide with your collecting interest the learning experience is well worthwhile. It is obvious from the Q&A periods that these presentations are well received. You might even be surprised how they might give you tips and maybe even tie into your own collection. Give it a try, I am sure you will enjoy them. We have yet to break the 50-member attendee barrier, let’s close out 2023 by doing so.

The December meeting is our Annual One Frame Competition. We have 10 entries, some of which can be viewed on our website and the remainder will be uploaded shortly. You can view them at your leisure, and you can pick your favourite to be voted on at the meeting. Judging is ongoing by the jury of Robert Pinet and John Wilson. I hope to see you then.



Who we are

About us

  • Forum for serious philatelic study founded in 1954
  • Publisher of several spcialized studies and annual Journal compiled by members
  • Launched predecessor to the Harry Sutherland Philatelic Library
  • Prizes awarded at national exhibitions
  • Membership by invitation
  • Members are advanced collectors, authors, exhibitors and philatelic judges
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Member Specialties

Below is only a small selection of our members' specialties. Visit the link below to browse more.

Aerophilately, Australia, China, Ionian Islands, Machine Cancels, Military Mail, Newfoundland, Pneumatic Post, Underpaid mail, Zemstvos

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Meetings and Events


Dec 13

ZOOM – 19:30 EST. Members presents: One Frame Competition.


Jan 17

ZOOM – 19:30 EST. Chip Gliedman presents: Mail Routes of Rupert’s Land and the Red River Settlement.

Feb 7

In-person meeting at the VGG - 19:30 EST. Ken Snelson presents: Joseph Ady - my current Rabbit Hole.

Feb 21

ZOOM – 19:30 EST. Pascal LeBlond presents: Yves Baril, Master Engraver.

Mar 20

ZOOM – 19:30 EST. Gary Watson presents: Australia’s Food Parcels for Britain Programme.

Apr 17

ZOOM – 19:30 EST. Members present: Show & Tell.

May 15

ZOOM – 19:30 EST. Gilles Morel presents: The DLO handling of mail recovered from the Empress of Ireland in the fall of 1914.

Jun 19

ZOOM – 19:30 EST. David McLaughlin: Vincent Graves Greene Philatelic Research Foundation.

Jul 17

ZOOM – 19:30 EST. Charles Livermore presents: Canadian National Exhibition - History and Philately.

Aug 21

ZOOM – 19:30 EST. Members present: Show & Tell.

Sep 18

ZOOM – 19:30 EST. Mirkp Zatka: TBA.

Oct 16

ZOOM – 19:30 EST. TBA: Platinum Anniversary Tribute of the Philatelic Specialists Society of Canada.

Nov 6

In-person meeting at the VGG - 19:30 EST. Sid Mensinga presents: The Straight Jack-flag of 1896, April 11-22 - A detailed census and analysis.

Nov 20

ZOOM – 19:30 EST. Duncan H. Barber presents: Great Britain Inland Guaranteed Delivery, 1993 to 1998.

Dec 11

ZOOM – 19:30 EST. Members: One Frame Competition.