1956 Annual Banquet Photographs

On Saturday November 24, 1956, The Philatelic Specialists Society of Canada held its Second Annual Dinner and Lecture at the King Edward Hotel, Toronto. The Guest Speaker was Mr. Edwin Mueller of New York. The cost per person was $5.00.

The event was captured on film by member Harry Zifkin and his series of 42 black & white photographs are presented here for your enjoyment.

Our Founder and first President, Herbert Dubé, put together a scrapbook of these photographs which remained with his family long after Herbert departed this world. On Wednesday March 21, 2007, Herbert’s daughter-in-law, Ann Dubé and his granddaughter Diane Slater, attended a PSSC Meeting at which time they presented the Society with the framed collection of Herbert‘s philatelic awards and medals, along with two large scrapbooks. The following photographs were lovingly mounted in one of these scrapbooks.

Unfortunately, as often happens, the people in the photos were not labeled. A small few are recognizable today, and these have been identified below each photo. We need YOUR help in identifying the rest of the faces, so they too can be identified for posterity. Each photo is numbered from 1 to 42. Please send your identifications directly to Ralph E. Trimble.


The Invitation