Members of the Stamp Advisory Committee

Since 1970 one or more PSSC members served on Canada Post’s Stamp Advisory Committee denoting an ongoing and constant representation.

The Stamp Advisory Committee (SAC) was established in 1959 to review and recommend topics and themes for Canada's stamp program. Starting in 1969 its 12 members were appointed by Canada Post’s board of directors to a maximum of two three-year terms. Committee members normally come from philately, history and art or design. The following PSSC members are part of this select group of volunteers.

Black and white image of Carl R. Mangold

Mr. Carl R. Mangold

SAC (1970-1973)

Headshot of Denis Hamel

Mr. Denis Hamel

SAC (1988-1994)

Headshot of Iam Kimmerly

Mr. Ian Kimmerly

SAC (1994-2000)

Headshot of Richard Penko

Mr. Richard Penko

SAC (1997-2006)

Headshot of Charles J.G. Verge

Mr. Charles J.G. Verge

SAC (2000-2007)

Headshot of Sam G. Chiu

Dr. Sam G. Chiu

SAC (2006-2012)

Headshot of Kevin O’Reilly

Mr. Kevin O’Reilly

SAC (2006-2012)

Headshot of Robin Harris

Mr. Robin Harris

SAC (2007-2010)

Headshot of David Foot

Dr. David Foot

SAC (2012-2018)

Headshot of Michèle Cartier

Ms. Michèle Cartier

SAC (2016-2018)

Headshot of Jean Wang

Dr. Jean Wang

SAC (2018-ongoing)